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The Dr. Pat Show
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CRN1 Tues-Fri 2:00 am PT- 3:00 am PT
CRN7 Mon-Fri 11:00 am PT-12:00 pm PT

Hosted by Dr. Pat Baccili, she is “blowing the doors off traditional talk radio shows” with her energizing delivery and powerful interviews with renowned leaders in the field of human potential. Her fresh, unique perspective on “living life full out” has catapulted her show to the top position in alternative talk radio!

Dr. Pat Baccili is a leader in the field of human potential and the creator of the remarkable “Crust Busting™ process. An international award winning talk radio host, TV commentator, certified career and belief coach, dynamic seminar leader, award winning author and researcher on fostering respect and trust in the workplace, inspirational speaker and CEO of a successful motivational company. In 2013, Dr. Pat has launched her international coaching initiative. “Called to Shine” for individuals, groups and organizations.

As a top host of the internationally acclaimed, The Dr. Pat Show – Talk Radio to Thrive By, #1 in Seattle for 7 years running - Pat reaches millions of people each year with a powerful life- changing message. Her presentation and interview skills have been hailed by people like bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, congressmen, and people from all walks of life. Called the “Oprah of radio” by her listeners, Dr. Pat is “blowing the doors off” of traditional talk radio. Dr. Pat is well-respected in her various roles in the human potential field – as coach, teacher, adviser, inspirational speaker, consultant, and internationally acclaimed radio personality.

Dr. Pat Baccili has received numerous awards for her empowering message on radio and her contribution to “Green Awareness” including The Crystal Award of Excellence, The Award of Distinction and VoiceAmerica’s Host of the Year! Beyond radio, Dr. Pat Baccili was named Aspire Magazine’s - Aspiring Woman of the Year, The National Ordinary People, Extraordinary Outcomes Award, and the Women’s Choice Leadership Award™, and this year recipient of two Stevie Awards: Women Helping Women in Business and Management Team of the Year!