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Larry Manetti started acting in his hometown of Chicago.  After studying acting with the Ted List Theater Players, Larry drove to Los Angeles in 1972.  Larry landed an agent and was sent to Universal Studios to audition for an opening as a contract player.  Luck was on his side.  Jack Webb was casting a new series for NBC called The Chase.  Larry played a young detective.

After attending acting school at Sal Dano's at night and doing bit parts by day, he scored. Baa Baa Black Sheep was being produced and cast at Universal, and the now famous writer Stephen J. Cannell was the executive producer and the role was a natural for Larry.  He was cast as a cocky, hot shot pilot named Bobby Boyle.  The show was a big hit for NBC but was cancelled within two years.

Because the network was so impressed with Larry's on-screen presence, they cast him in a new series called The Duke.  Bad luck!  The Duke was cancelled in one year.  Larry was back to playing whatever Universal told him to.

Hoping to catch lighting in a jar, along came Magnum, P.I. and the role of Rick. This was his elevator...the show became a mega-hit for 8 years.  Since Magnum, P.I., Larry has done co-starring roles in 25 feature films and guest starred on many hot TV shows.

Larry is the author of a book titled Aloha Magnum.

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For president and founder Kenny Sargent, SpeedFreaks came out of an all night vigil at the computer. Frustrated by what he continued to see in motorsports coverage, The Sarge decided to embark on a journey that would take a year and a half to complete. After tireless meetings, "maybes" and "let's wait and sees," his bitchin' dream came alive. SpeedFreaks began it's assault on the airwaves of Los Angeles and the Internet June 25th, 2000. And let’s just say, the rest is his story.

Your right, it is now my story. So, as the Christmas tree lands on green, allow me to ram my Puma through the floor and tell it like it is. SpeedFreaks is a lethal combination of motorsports commentary and entertainment. To say this combo is lacking in today's motorsports media coverage would be a colossal understatement. The way we as fans look at motorsports has changed as much as the sport's technology, speeds and technique. Therefore, with this evolution, one would think the entities covering motorsports would do the same. No, and I won't even expound.

So, with this refusal to come of age, I, like a lot of you, became bored to Texas Tears with what I was witnessing. I wanted motorsports coverage like the "F'n Outlaw" it is! From NASCAR's Junior "Moonshine" Johnson outrunning The Law to Andretti giving the finger to the F-1 elitists, to Import Drags Adam Saruwatari's world record quarter-mile run to FMX's Seth Enslow and his ass crushing record jump of 226 feet. Now those boys exude 'tude in the sport! And I do mean sport! Don't let any half-wit tell you it is not. As Webster's puts it, a sport is competition which "requires bodily exertion." Tell me that Jeremy McGrath doesn't "exert" his finely tuned human frame 30 feet in the air clearing triples or John Force doesn't ooze the substance as he man handles his Hot Rod at 320 MPH! Motorsports is the original Extreme sport!

So, I, along with Statt Mann Caruthers, Lugg Nuttz, and Crash Gladys are on a journey and we ask you to hop in the Freakin’ back seat. As an honorary SpeedFreak, you’ll help the Mod Squad of Motorsports sit atop the Motorsports empire for a long, long time. And then, and only then will we realize, when all is said and done, it comes down to the B's...babes, beers, and a bitchin' buggy...ya dig?

"Get in the pit and try to love someone"

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BS Industries, Inc. is an award-winning Los Angeles based company that designs and builds Customs and Hot Rods of every conceivable form. Keeping a full range of service in-house allows limitless creativity and attention to the personal desires of the client. Bodie Stroud, CEO, embodies a lifestyle brand of movable artistry and a passion for precision. Best known for sleek custom builds that put clients behind the wheel of their dreams.

In 2007, Bodie Stroud left his corporate job and took the ultimate risk. With pure faith, a strong background in the automotive and fabrication industry, and a talent for Hot Rods, Bodie launched BS Industries as his sole passion and business. The sterling reputation and creativity driving Bodie’s vision caught fire. By 2010 BS Industries produced carefully crafted Hot Rod showpieces with an impressive total retail value of over $3,000,000…. And counting.

- Metal Fabrication
- Electrical
- Suspension
- Exhaust
- Paint
- Upholstery
- Customs
- Restorations
- Hot Rods

For more info check out the website: and

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Live Mondays from 6-7pm PST

Tune In, Slow Down, Live Well!  Hosted by travel industry veteran Steve Andrews, international award-winning Australian chef/author Sally James, and European-trained sommelier Scott Lewis, proprietor of the V Wine Cellar, Slow Living radio challenges listeners to breath out, tap the brakes, slow down and get back to a place where life is more fun and rewarding. Each week Slow Living radio presents you with engaging guests and topics. Food, wine, travel, health & fitness, home design, greener living, entertainment, cool events... so sit back and enjoy the ride with us in the pursuit of endless discoveries.  Get Back to Real Life with Slow Living radio, Mondays from 6-7pm!

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CRN5 Sat 1:00 pm PT- 3:00 pm PT

America's #1 Pet Expert

  • 10 years as the Pet Expert for NBC's TODAY Show

  • 14 years as Pet Expert for LIVE! With Regis and Kelly

  • "Creature Keeper" for the new Mickey Mouse Show

  • Many appearances on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Good Morning America, 20/20, E!, HLN

  • Featured in People, Time, USA Today, New York Times, L.A. Times, Money Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal

  • Author of eight best-selling books on pet & animal behavior

  • Internationally recognized Host

  • Trained more than 40,000 animals

  • Pet advisor to the stars like David Letterman, Al Pacino and Lily Tomlin
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WOMAN RADIO is a radio station Promomedios Group created on August 16, 1993, at the frequency of 1040 AM, with the goal of being a place where women find programs according to their needs: psychology, health, cooking, motherhood , sexuality, beauty, fashion, nutrition, human development, family values ​​and wholesome entertainment.

We offer programming for all segments and profiles of women, with a team of skilled drivers in each address issues in their programs.
That was how WOMAN RADIO became the first station totally dedicated programming for women and their families, transmitting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

Today, the signal WOMAN RADIO satellite arrives as RADIO INTERNATIONAL WOMEN in 10 states and 63 cities of the American Union, through the chain Cable Radio Network (CRN) being the only Spanish language CRN with Spanish programming for Spanish-speaking audience in the United States.

We offer programming for all segments and profiles of women, with a team of skilled drivers in each address issues in their programs.
That was how WOMAN RADIO became the first station totally dedicated programming for women and their families, transmitting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

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LIVE Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 PM PST
CALL (800) 336-2225 to Join the Conversation!

Legendary actor, Robert Conrad takes the reigns on The PM Show.  Robert takes your calls, talks entertainment and visits with the biggest names in Hollywood. 

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