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Business Rockstars is a daily show where we introduce you to the rock stars of the business world so you can become a rock star too! It’s two “idea-stimulating” hours every Monday through Friday. Host Ken Rutkowski and some of the biggest names in business will “mentor” you and share their invaluable business experience and knowledge.

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Sports Overnight America offers listeners the opportunity to discuss today's results and hot sports topics and debate tomorrow's possibilities, while also presenting the day's scores, top stories, analysis and highlights.

About Larry Krueger
Most recently serving as the Sports Director at San Francisco’s top station KGO and as bona fide on-air talent at KNBR before that, Larry Krueger is a radio veteran.  Krueger returns to cover Sports Overnight America every Tuesday through Friday along with co-host Chris Townsend.

About Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend has spent the last 12 years compiling a diverse array of credits in the Northern California sports landscape. During the NFL season, he anchors a weekly San Francisco 49’ers television show, 49’ers Insider, onComcast SportsNet. Currently Chris is hosting a San Jose Saber Cats show, Saber Cats Weekly for Fox Sports Bay Area.

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Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, a syndicated conservative talk radio show across America and around the world via The GAB, SDG Radio Networks and CRN.

Our mission is to keep you informed on what’s happening in your world. And to present a forum that allows us to talk about the two things you’ve been told to never talk about, politics and religion.

Experience demonstrates that if done in earnest and truth, both subjects should reinforce and advance the thoughts and ideas of our culture in a constructive manner. The lie is that these are mutually exclusive and in conflict.

I have found that in the absence of fact, opinion rules. And it seems that the one who is loudest wins the argument. Not necessarily, it just means you are loud but still wrong. Our culture is being bombarded these days with more opinion than fact, more lies than truth, and somehow this is dangerously acceptable and politically correct. Just look at the results and I ask, “How is that working for you?” As Ronald Reagan said, “Facts are stubborn things.”

My hope and prayer is that together we can advance the cause of truth in one another, our families, our communities, our country and the world. No doubt this is a lofty goal, but I believe we can do this together.

Welcome to the conversation, and I invite you to get involved and let’s get our country back on track honoring our rich heritage and those heroes that gave it all for our freedoms. Let’s hear you on the radio

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LIVE Monday - Friday 5-6PM PST on CRN1

As smooth and civilized as Jack Daniels whiskey, and with just as much kick, Barry Farber is one of America's legendary talk show hosts. Raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, he drank in with his mother's milk the art of storytelling and of painting memorable images with a gentle Southern accent.

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Red Eye Radio has a proud history, as the longest running nationally syndicated radio program focused on the needs of the trucking industry in the United States today.

For 40 years the show has kept a key focus: to be part of the fabric of the trucking industry.  Red Eye Radio has done this by consistently providing professional drivers up to the minute news, information and entertainment with one key goal:  create a positive in-cab experience while helping truckers become more efficient and stay entertained while on the road.

The show's Katy-Award Winning Hosts, Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, together bring the show over 40 years of broadcast experience.  MTRN's on-air talent, combined with strongly branded resources, enable Red Eye Radio to deliver a quality broadcast and maintain the highest standards in the industry.

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WOMAN RADIO is a radio station Promomedios Group created on August 16, 1993, at the frequency of 1040 AM, with the goal of being a place where women find programs according to their needs: psychology, health, cooking, motherhood , sexuality, beauty, fashion, nutrition, human development, family values ​​and wholesome entertainment.

We offer programming for all segments and profiles of women, with a team of skilled drivers in each address issues in their programs.
That was how WOMAN RADIO became the first station totally dedicated programming for women and their families, transmitting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

Today, the signal WOMAN RADIO satellite arrives as RADIO INTERNATIONAL WOMEN in 10 states and 63 cities of the American Union, through the chain Cable Radio Network (CRN) being the only Spanish language CRN with Spanish programming for Spanish-speaking audience in the United States.

We offer programming for all segments and profiles of women, with a team of skilled drivers in each address issues in their programs.
That was how WOMAN RADIO became the first station totally dedicated programming for women and their families, transmitting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

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LIVE on CRN1 Weekdays from Noon-2:00 PM PST
CALL (800) 336-2225 to Join the Conversation!

Chuck Wilder, started with armed forces radio aboard the USS Matthews, and then became one of the highest rated radio rock jocks in Texas. He  hosted a TV dance show on two ABC stations in Texas and New Mexico, and acted as music director, program director and producer, Billboard  DJ of the year, and member of the board of directors academy of country music . Chuck gave up his exciting career to hook up with George Putnam. With the sad passing of George Putnam, Chuck now hosts Talk Back in the original tradition of George.

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